I choose to believe that life is wonderful, but it comes with adversities. I lost a wonderful friend on September 7, 2015 at 5:15 PM. Her family was in a tragic accident on the way home from a camping trip. I will miss seeing her smiling face; I will miss having her come over and chatting with me about our daughters, life and the world. This tragic loss has reminded me that we are here for a short time. Melissa Brewer took care of her family and that is what she enjoyed doing. I think about what I enjoy doing and I cannot pinpoint it to one. I enjoy taking care of my family, I enjoy helping people’s dreams come true and I enjoy teaching. So many things, such little time. I will continue doing these things because it is my purpose. Mrs. Melissa found her purpose. What’s yours? Find it. Enjoy it. And love it.

Melissa and her daughter Cierra.