November 17th, 2015

In the light of recent events, I believe in the Human Race. I look at what Mr Rogers’ mother stated “Look for the helpers!” And while we have had some tragic events, we have even more helpers. The helpers are everywhere. People opening their door to the unknown; strangers crying together, hugging each other and mourning together. We are one. We are human!



September 12th, 2015

I choose to believe that life is wonderful, but it comes with adversities. I lost a wonderful friend on September 7, 2015 at 5:15 PM. Her family was in a tragic accident on the way home from a camping trip. I will miss seeing her smiling face; I will miss having her come over and chatting with me about our daughters, life and the world. This tragic loss has reminded me that we are here for a short time. Melissa Brewer took care of her family and that is what she enjoyed doing. I think about…


September 6th, 2015

Happy Labor Day,

I get so many people asking me how they can get into the entertainment industry. It has always been a dream they had, but they were afraid or someone didn’t let them take a chance or they feared they would never be good enough. Here is the thing! You have to trust that you are good enough. You have to believe that wonderful things will come your way. Now like anything else, you have to work at it. If we were all so lucky and Steven Spielberg would spot us at supermarket and…